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January 12, 2009


Peggy Lazenby- Retired  teacher

I agree that players on major teams should think about helping the high schools that prepared them to make their multi-million dollars, After all, if it wasn't for the training and exposure they received from their high schools, thy probably wouldn't be playing for major league teams that pay them these huge salaries. So,one would think these players would be happy to help in appreciation for their training playing for their high school teams. One would also expect them to give thanks to God for their talents by helping their high schools keep up their sports programs by making donations to help in this endeavor.


If I might make a recommendation (since you probably have the contacts to make this heard, and I certainly don't), forget about the players. Go for the teams, or better yet, the governing franchise.

It could be a hard sell to convince players to pay for their own future competition, but it's in the best interests of the larger organizations to maximize the pool of possible players. And one percent of their operating budget is better than one percent of a fraction of the overall salaries.

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