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January 19, 2009



I don't get it. Wheeler (who I've never met, but his reputation precedes him and is always a joy to see interviewed) is a great hero and American success. Obama is a rich kid (and it's hard to consider anybody related to the Cheneys "black") who, with massive contributions from big business, managed to get elected President of the United States.

There's no comparison between the two, and I hope we can do better for African-Americans and all minorities than getting excited because of the color of Obama's skin. We've never had a midget President, either, but we can all see that it wouldn't change the world if we elected one.

I wish we could actually get past this as a culture. The highlighting of "firsts" only serves to emphasize how uncommon the situation is, rather than bridging the gap. Let's maybe start taking a hard look at Obama's policies, something we should have been doing for the last two years. Let's stop trying to get into the history books and actually fix some problems!

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