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January 19, 2009



It is, by definition, not a philosophical objection to vaccination if you want to "pick and choose." In fact, the very idea worries me, since there's simply not enough information available for experts to pass judgement on a particular vaccine, let alone an untrained parent. What are they supposed to base their rational decision on, alarmist rhetoric coming from people with a financial stake on both sides? On how "scary" things sound? On media reports that may have been blown out of proportion?

That said, it is worrisome that the FDA has seemingly shifted interest from protecting the populace to acting as mandatory personal shoppers. Only epidemics should really have mandatory vaccination, to stop the spread. Anything else is just an attempt to change the environment without thinking through the consequences.

But if you want to be even more paranoid about vaccines, check out the literature on Gardasil. Sterility, paralysis, and crippling pain to stop a few strains (of many) of a disease that's usually not so bad. And yet, the huge marketing campaign invoking the mighty cancer has people trying to mandate it for all girls...and occasionally the factory spills it into town water supplies. Very creepy, even if one doesn't have children.

Carol Noran

Mary -

Please update your research and check your facts. There are now 20 states which allow exemption to vaccinations based on philosophical, personal, or conscientiously held beliefs.

In many of these states, individuals must object to ALL vaccines, not just a particular vaccine in order to use the philosophical or personal belief exemption.

Thus, when you write:

"...Homeopathic remedies was the suggestion of one mom who said she’d like to pick and choose the vaccines her child will get..."

This would not be an option for the above cited mother, based on the current law passed by the 20 states which have recognized philosophical, personal, or conscientiously held beliefs.

I am surprised you didn't know that.

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