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January 22, 2009



Short term and long term, the thing that will have the greatest impact on moving the economy is reducing taxes by a lot. If you add up all the corporate taxes on everything you pay for, your aggregate tax is somewhere around sixty percent. And it's bad enough that our probable incoming Treasury Secretary couldn't or wouldn't manage it.

In the long term, the only thing that'll keep our economy afloat is to get rid of this failing Bush/Clinton "service economy" and get back to manufacturing products that people want and can't get anywhere else. But we can't get there when nobody has the money in-pocket to keep the heat on or take the train, let alone research new technologies.

Do you know what won't help? Giving money to mismanaged quasi-businesses like the MTA, LIPA, and the banks, who keep sucking money OUT of the economy without contributing back.

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