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January 21, 2009



good story, but i will continue to bolt my license plates on with 8 inch stainless steal carriage bolts. and if i could legally and cheaply run current through them to fry the eventual maggot that will steal them, i would.......boy, i'm negative these days................

Frank, Freeport

Glad to see there's still some honest people out there.. He could have very easily sold it on ebay or craigs list for a profit.. Nice silver lining to an otherwise Horrendous JET loss and collapse..


That's pretty crazy that you got your camera back. what a great story! too bad the Jets stink. wish I went to a game when you were there Jackie, then it would have been worthwhile ;)


Thanks everyone! I feel really lucky! :) I just saw that John also tried to contact me through my blog. He wrote....

"Jackie did you lose a camera in New Jersey on 12/30? If so, I have it. Please send me an email and let me know and I will send it back to you. Thanks."

So nice!!!


That's such an awesome story!!! You must have really good luck Jackie. My luck, the camera would be gone forever.


It's not so much the act that impresses me--I find good people every day, though I can easily see how a job in the media might shield you from that--but the effort involved. Most people I know probably would not have gone to the trouble of sifting through the pictures for evidence of the owner's identity.

Being nice in a fleeting moment is one thing. A few days of significant detective work is something entirely more impressive.


We lost our camera on a ride at Disney World...we tried and tried to locate it, went to the lost and found, asked the ride people, etc...to no avail. Your story is inspiring! There's still hope, maybe...


I agree with Geoffrey. There still are good hearted kind people in this world today. Glad to see you got your camera back.



That's a great story... a combination of kindness and luck got it back to you!

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