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February 03, 2009



hey elisa, hey tim i met elisa in person last year at the balloon festival, so eat your heart out, even got a pic(maybe put on ebay see how much i get, hehe) gladto hear you had a great time in the florida keys, never got that far down, miami the closest.
next time, shorten up your blog and put some more bathing suit pictures in it, hehe!!!!!1


Glad to hear that you enjoyed your vacation.

So you also get the feeling that the people in charge of the groundhog ceremonies don't actually understand the process? I was staring in amazement at Bloomberg clawing the poor rodent out of his hidey-hole, yesterday, as it kept rushing back in, and then holding it up to show that it did NOT see its shadow and run away.

I think the critter bit him for not grasping that he was pulling back...in my world, that'd be "seeing his shadow."

Oh, well. I worked in Syosset for a long time, and I definitely remember those half-plowed roads, and that was usually in daylight. Best of luck on that!

(It absolutely amazes me, by the way, how big an industry "The Secret" has become, considering that it boils down to "make a plan, then stick to it." A little self-hypnosis and some pep-talking later...)


Hey Elisa,

Very nice job on your Blog. I'm happy you had a fun time in Florida Keys. I hope would like to meet you & get to know you better if you can. Hope to hear from you again.

Take care Elisa,

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