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February 09, 2009



Wait a second. He didn't even break a law!? All this venom and head-shaking, and his only offense was to take something that's...not in fashion in most of the country?

You know, I was willing to say that he was possibly wrong for taking an illegal substance. I can't measure how wrong, because I've never had any, myself, but it's illegal, so I'll blindly accept that it's wrong, just like I wear my seatbelt and avoid red light districts.

However, if it was legal where he did it, then he's got the right to do it, and any "punishment" is just an attack for the sake of putting on a show. It would be like a cop ticketing you for making a right on red because it's illegal in New York City, where more people live or busting up a dinner in France because they give the kids watered-down wine.

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