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February 06, 2009



First, the government "leaders" (quotes because I'm clearly being generous when their go-to move is "ask for more money") should be taking larger pay cuts, if they want to set an example. When you're talking six-figure salaries of the county executives (I can't find the exact number, for some reason), larger paycuts at the top can preserve more jobs at the bottom. Sure, it might only be a handful, but it's a handful of needy people.

Second, does either county publish a current CAFR? I can't find them, but I've been reading the state's, and it's very enlightening. Despite cries of poverty, government accounting apparently doesn't carry over prior year surpluses, nor does it include assets or investments in the annual budget. Where does that money go, exactly?

Perhaps someone whose loyalties are to the taxpayer should investigate this further.

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