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February 26, 2009



Unfortunately, what you're calling optimism is blind faith in politicians who have made it abundantly clear that they don't care about us as long as the big banks are safe.

What's worse, you're joining them in blaming us, the consumers, for the failures! Even if we start spending, what will that help? The money will go right out of the country, because we don't MAKE anything in this country. That's also why there are no jobs.

(It would be interesting to calculate the GDP in the last fifty years, minus the financial sector that exists purely to siphon money out of the system every time it changes hands.)

We need to get RID of the credit and financial markets, not save them. They're pyramid schemes, to put it in simple terms. Your 401(k) only rises when an ever-increasing number of investors enter the stock market. Stocks are no better or worse an investment than, say, Beanie Babies, except that the government hasn't spent the last thirty years tricking you into believing that stocks were intrinsically valuable.

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