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February 17, 2009



"Doesn't sound like much right?"

You're right. It does not. Especially when billions of dollars are being thrown at national medical databases and new census forms. And even more especially (huh?) when we taxpayers are going to have to cover these massive expenditures in the future.

"Take that 8 dollars a week and put it into a savings account and while the interest will be minimal it's still something."

I somehow doubt that the interest given by the banks will keep pace with inflation. The accountant who suggested that should probably give back his certification.

I agree that the money shouldn't be in Washington's hands, but seriously, with the way the Fed is beefing up the money supply, the half penny you earn on your eight bucks isn't going to cover the skyrocketing costs we're going to see as a result of this idiocy.

And what do the self-employed do? If you don't have a paycheck, asking the government to claim less of it is a little bit tricky.


Hi Lily

Where's your picture? I always look for you on 12 but never seem to find you. I won't watch channel 12 if your not on. Your my favorate.

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