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February 11, 2009



The "glowing grades" remind me of years past, when the trains were always a few minutes late. The solution? Define "on or close" to mean whatever said they were on schedule. Ta-da!

You know, I don't even commute, but the dozen or so times I've gone into Manhattan on the train, every single incident has been an annoyance. Trains get cancelled. Trains leave the station EARLY. The conductors have no useful information and no interest in sharing what they know, except for the brief moment when you hand over your ticket. I've even had the ticket machine give me blank cardboard, with nobody at the LIRR interested in helping me or fixing the problem.

For this "service," they charge far more money than it would cost to travel by car, and get you there slower...assuming they don't need to stop entirely for that horrifying natural predator of the locomotive, wet leaves.

Yet, like LIPA, the people at the top are eternally crying poverty while taking their six figure salaries home and accomplishing absolutely nothing.

About the only part of the story that makes sense is that more than half the people think the bathrooms are clean. I can understand that. They probably don't use the station bathrooms, and simply assume they're clean, like I did for many years.

Can we replay the clip where the MTA board member said that he'd never ride the train if his tickets weren't free? Because I think that said more about these results than anything else ever could.

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