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February 24, 2009


susan l.rudnick

i think its criminal to add an additional tax .we are being punished for the mismanagement of our county, state , and federal government.senior citizens will again have to decide where to spend their fixed income; on food or shelter or medicine and now for the honor and privilege of keeping warm !!!sadly susan l.rudnick


Well, I guess it makes sense. I mean, their first priority is to maintain their lifestyles, and we're merely subjects of the crown, our lives dedicated to serving our masters in government.

Wait, that's not how it works in this country!? Our elected officials work for us!? Maybe someone should mention that to them. Loudly. At this point, pitchforks and torches might not be a bad idea, either.

I've asked before, but has anybody seen a recent Nassau or Suffolk CAFR? I'd be very interested to know what the budgets really look like, since taxes are rarely a large part of government income, these days.

gregg. johnson

These politicans just dont care do they that 20 dollars can go towards groceries or gas in the car to go to work but thats okay just tell the kids they cant eat today or call your boss tell you dont have gas in the car just keep taxing and you'll make long island a ghost town

BIG Bad Bobby Paiva

I think it stinks, they want us to pay for others mistakes and mismanagement! What's wrong with them? Don't they care about us?
BIG Bad Bob!


The town is in a deficit and they pass it on to the taxpayers. How much more can the taxpayers endure before they physically can't afford to live on Long Island anymore? Why don't some of the county executives take a pay cut to help us reduce the deficit the county is in?

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