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February 16, 2009



Funny how this idiotic bailout bill is "generational theft," but the last one was a stroke of genius that everybody had to get behind or face the end of the world as we know it. Is this the "change we can believe in? Republican dolts speaking their minds, whereas last year it was the Democrat dolts?

Let failing companies die. Tax the living daylights out of companies that export jobs. Cut taxes for the rest of us. Enforce or reinstitute the trading rules that keep speculators out of the market. People will immediately have money to invest in business ventures and buy things. The economy will be running fine by March, guaranteed.

That Congress isn't suggesting anything like this should tell us all that they're working for someone other than We the People.

Instead of fixing the causes of the problems, they're busy (in this very bill) mandating a national medical database with no privacy constraints and the ability to mandate cheaper treatments, regardless of what your doctor thinks is best. They're busy keeping failing businesses and banks afloat, raising taxes, and throwing money at other government departments without regard for anybody besides themselves and whoever's pulling their strings.

And if it's not going to have an immediate effect, why was it so important that it be passed immediately, before anybody had time to read it? Surely, if the benefits won't show up for a few months, they could afford to hang back for a few days.

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