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February 23, 2009


Ms. Walker

I am sure Mr. Obama has seen and heard much worse in his time so I do not know what the point of trying to put down our new president was to accomplish. This cartoon shows the arrogance of not only the rich but the police officers in this country. Power and money have ruled this country citizens should be ashamed to ever let it to this point. The great U.S. of A - - holes is more like it. We are the laughing stock from Russia to Paris. Killing each other, Killing our babies, murdering pets, belittling our own leader. Maybe the editor at the post is afraid some of his privleges will be taken away with this new stimulus bill so he found a cartoon funny. What else to you do for fun there at the POST people burn American Flags? I have never been so ashamed to be an American...


I meant to also take a potshot at the inept and sensationalist Post. They're certainly not innocent in the matter, because they're capitalizing on the publicity. They and Sharpton deserve one another. Petulant children, all.


It occurs to me that Mr. Obama did NOT write the stimulus bill. It also occurs to me that whoever did deserves much worse than shooting for the pain it's going to cause us all with no benefit (unless you're a banker, I mean).

My conclusion: Like always, it's Al Sharpton trying to divide the country along racial lines, just like he always does. It's only offensive if you're looking for offense, which he always is. Divisiveness is his life.

Meanwhile, if you think that this is advocating assassination, why isn't the Secret Service involved? Isn't that their department?

Ah, well. Even if it were comparing the President to a chimp (which I don't believe), that might even comfort Obama, what with his blatant Lincoln fetish. After all, "Honest Abe" offended many during his campaign and was widely known as the "Ape Baboon of the Prairie" in the papers. If we're really "past racism," shouldn't that be almost a badge of honor?


The Post has definitely gone too far and their fleeted attempt to apologize is no more than that. The cartoon clearly states that they'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill. Well, why would that be so... because they killed the current author of the bill? There is no mistake as to what they were implying.

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