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February 13, 2009


BIG Bad Bobby Paiva

Good blog. While you're doing this who's watching the traffic???
I'm comedy writer BIG Bad Bob, and hope to give you the giggles from time to time. Loved your blog and say hi to Jodi for me too! Take care BBB


Hi elisa

Nice blog...dont listen to john a lady doesnt kiss and tell LOL


"Speaking of... they have an 80s party tonight with 80s priced drinks! Sounds like fun!"

Having endured the '80s the first time, I think I can safely say "does not does not does not!" Well, depending on how many pre-inflation drinks you've had, I guess...


Hey Elisa,

Very good blog you did this time, Keep up the good writing on your blogs. Hope to hear how youe Valentie's Day went for you in your next blog Elisa.

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