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February 09, 2009



I want to understand where Law is coming from. I really do. He doesn't seem like a mustache-twirling villain from a silent movie. However, he's certainly acting the part.

Maybe, rather than just sticking the customer at every opportunity (or taxpayer, since LIPA is a state agency, let's remember--we're paying taxes to be charged high rates), it's time to rethink things.

I mean, maybe Shorham can be put to some use. Dare I say it? With the advances in nuclear power and waste recycling in the last two decades, maybe it's time to fire it up. Then LIPA can quit whining about eating the costs (which they're not; we are) and actually produce cheap power.

Or maybe LIPA doesn't need so many executives, when none of them are able to fix anything.

When you make almost half a million dollars per year in salary as Law does, you should darn well have better solutions to problems than "raise prices." Unless he'd like to see everybody on the Island lose service and stop paying him, of course, but that gets back into mustache-twirling territory.

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