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February 10, 2009




When in doubt, rejiggle the graduated income tax, right? After all, it's only one of Marx's ten Pillars of Communism.

Taxing people based on numeric income is sloppy thinking, and is basically designed to cripple the areas like Long Island with a higher standard of living. It also breeds class resentment.

If we must raise taxes, and we want to better the economy rather than collapsing it, what we should be doing is raising taxes on income that isn't derived from effort.

If you profited from the stock market, took interest from a loan, or received a gift from your uncle, you may not be "rich" numerically, but the money came from risk rather than effort, didn't help the economy, and is therefore worth taxing.

If you run a successful business or work overtime to make ends meet on an expensive house, you're doing something good for the economy and should be encouraged, not overburdened.

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