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February 19, 2009



Glad to see you Anchoring! You do a great job and I like seeing your infectious smile! Hopefully we'll see more . . .


i drove by a college, once. there's better money in doing commercial burglaries, i find. less education needed, as well! but, to each his own.


Jackie, I agree with Angie. You did a wonderful job as an anchor. Clear, concise and you looked very beautiful as well. Hope to see you doing more anchor duties.


I agree with you Jackie. Playing a sport, being in the school play or playing in the school band can help children in many important areas of development outside of the classroom. Hard work, teamwork and time management are critical life lesson that all children(and adults)need to develop. It was wonderful seeing you anchor the noon newscast. You did a great job and I hope to see more of you as an anchor in the future.

Frank, Freeport

Wow, Smart, Beautiful and an Athelete...I think I'm in love...Dowling is a Great School.. I took a course there once and the campus is beautiful.. I saw you over the weekend Anchoring.. You did an AWESOME job!! Is that permanent? Well, I hope we can still see you during the week.. I need my daily Jakie fix..

susan l.rudnick

What a great story ! perhaps the public high schools of long island could host charity alumni games as well.what with all the teams both boys and girls for basketball,baseball,softball,field hockey,volleyball,soccer,football lacross,tennis, golf and swim teams we could help alot of local charities.you have set a fine example of giving back to the community.susan l.rudnick


Y'know, I spent a while planning to make fun of your "getting old," but what with the charity, the NCAA tournament, and renewing old friendships, the story's too darn uplifting.

Funny story, though: My father disagreed with my choice of college. He thought I should go to Dowling. For the education? No. Because "the girls on the sports teams are hot." No lie. Direct quote. I still bear those scars...

Don't worry. He probably didn't have you in mind, unless it took you a decade or so to get your degree.

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