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February 17, 2009



p.s. shoot me an email
[email protected]
about viewing segments---


John and Susan thanks so much!!!
Your comments mean more than you can imagine!
I guess all of us here at News 12 hope that our work in some way helps, inspires --gives hope to others--
So Thank you!

Have A Great Weekend!

susan l.rudnick

Dear Danielle,You are truly an inspiration to all of us.I'm very impressed that you do all that you do professionally and are raising four fine children who are beautiful and healthy .one can see by all the family photos that they adore you to pieces. our world could use more people like you ! fondly Susan L.Rudnick


I was going to say "congratulations" on the Emmy nomination for the Lourdes story, but my phrasing sounded too much like surprise. It (and the Nicaraguan story) were top-notch, and absolutely deserve the recognition.

Looking forward to the other half of the year.

(I seem to recall you writing about getting flack for the shorter hair, but I think the medium length seen above looked pretty amazing. Not that it's my business.)

Speaking of recognition for stories, someone should really think about taking these award-nominated pieces and posting them for public view. At the very least, it'd be nice for viewers to get a second chance to see the year's top material, but even better would be if it could be viewed outside the local network to show off to interested friends and family. I can certainly think of a handful of segments that match up to anything shown on the national news.

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