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February 09, 2009



Incidentally, something I skipped over yesterday is the medical provisions. What does "economic stimulus" have to do with "government bureaucrats can override your doctor's decision"?

And, by the way, Bridgette's absolutely right. We're edging close to ten trillion dollars in various bailouts over the last year or so. Divide by three hundred million Americans, and that's over thirty thousand dollars from each of us. Why are we giving that money to the people who caused the problems we're trying to solve?

Bridgette Ferrandino

We have left the Government, Utilities and Big Business to do what they will with our money and there own money and they come up short every time... Again having to stick us with the burden of getting them out of financial trouble by upping and /or adding tax to everything or charging ridiculous amounts of money for product, blaming the labor costs make them do it! BALONEY....
Bail us out give the 300,000,000 million people with social security numbers $2,000,000.00 each and let us get our self out of debt. Our mortgages, credit cards, personal loans, car loans, school tuition, over due taxes, over due medical bills and more will be paid in full, we will be able to buy new cars, Medical Insurance and afford to build new energy efficient homes and/or add to the existing homes Solar or wind power... Welfare, medicaid, homeless shelters will be minimal....unemployment will be next to nill because Millions of jobs will come from this our, economy will have the shock like never before.... and greedy back stabbing cheats will have to take the back burner, We will have the power to bring honesty back to business... Give the people the power to choose the things they need not just take it any way they can get it and suffer for it.... and if I am wrong then we have lost Six Hundred Million not TRILLIONS that we the people have to pay back anyhow.... it's not that hard... think smaller.... I wish i had more time to write, but I don't have the time. I have to go and make money to pay my even higher home taxes.. I just wanted to say my piece before time ran out and this Horid Stimulus package is passed... Maybe I am just an Idiot, Who knows..


It's rare that I do so, but I agree with Kamer. Neither bill (I just skimmed both) tries to solve any real problem. At their core, they're both trying to get people to spend, spend, spend, and running around trying to look productive without actually doing anything.

The problem isn't the mean old consumer circling the wagons for confusing reasons. The problem is that we're paying more than half our incomes in taxes while big companies have been rewarded for sending good jobs out of the country (GM's brand-new factory in Brazil, for example). We've been forced to borrow/buy on credit/leverage to the hilt at ever-increasing interest rates, and now the banks have decided they would prefer a class of borrower who might be able to repay their loans in this lifetime.

If we/they fix one or the other of the problems and stop treating the banks like gods, then we've solved the problem. If, on the other hand, we bail out failing industries, give people advances against their tax returns (what those checks really are), or throw more money at local governments for them to waste, then no "stimulus" plan will be good for Long Island or any other part of the country.

...Well, except the companies and governments who receive the taxpayer money, of course. But I, for one, don't consider them to be priorities.

If it were me, I'd say halve every single tax that isn't about merely accumulating free money (such as inheritance) or moving assets out of the country. Do that, and the economy would absolutely right itself by mid-spring. Either stimulus...? Not so much.

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