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February 20, 2009


susan l.rudnick

Dear Andrew.i am also skeptical of donating to door to door charties as well as mailings of the same.phone solicitors are becoming a real problem as well.i constantly get bombarded @ my place of business .when i ask the agency to sent me info they usually get angry and hang up ! its best to stay cool and calm and dont give any information over the phone or @ the door.susan l.rudnick


Honestly, I won't even open the door for anybody carrying a box. I find it too hard to believe that they're legitimate, when I could stop at CostCo and own the same box of candy.

When I'm caught, either outside or by someone for donations, I ask for a business card or other official sign so that I can send a donation later.

Obviously, anybody who finds this a problem isn't likely to be legitimate. And some of them, consistently claiming to represent environmental interests, I've noticed, get downright angry when you refuse to hand them cash on the spot.

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