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February 13, 2009



Thirteen extra bucks a week in exchange for a thirty thousand dollar tax burden, plus interest? And we're a step closer to a welfare state? Truly, mine cup doth overflow with riches. If the government continues to be this good to us, we'll all break even sometime in the year 4317!

Oh, no. Wait. They're reducing the reduction to eight bucks a week next year. Make that the year 5758.

Meanwhile, the Census Bureau is getting a billion dollars out of the deal, ten times more than is allocated to school meal programs just a page earlier or the Small Business Administration later on. Also, the Western Area Power Administration is allowed to borrow three billion dollars from the Treasury for whatever they need money for.

A few billion dollars also goes to various Homeland Security and related shenanigans.

And, inexplicably, the bill forms the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, which (if I read this correctly) lets the federal government tell your doctor which treatments are acceptable for your case, with the goal of reducing health care costs. That's right. The government that's spending trillions of dollars is going to help you save money by telling your doctor whether he's allowed to operate on you!

I gave up skimming, after that point. I have better things to do, today.

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