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March 13, 2009


larry c j

HI Lily
that's a great story it must have bin something to see it being pulled on a barge that way,I live in Glen Cove I did not get to see it being towed but I'll have to check out the house sometime.Lily news12 is lucky to have you,your a very good reporter and I also think you are very Beautiful.keep up the great work,Take care Lily.

Matt Hammer

What a great feel-good story. It's good to see some positive news once in awhile. Although, I'm not sure I'd throw around $100 Grand to move a house to Long Island from a different state. I'd probably go to the house, instead of having the house come to me - just seems easier.

Also, during these tough economic times, I'm not sure how the majority of the tri-state area would feel about this story. I'd have to guess that many will find this story depressing. So many people are having a tough time just getting by these days, yet this story is about one of the very few families who aren't struggling financially.

I'd have to say I agree with Lily when she says "I think it's wonderful to see such passion in people." I also don't understand why some people view certain items as art. However, maybe they could've done something different, or better, with the $100,001 they spent on this project. Or maybe I just don't understand the "true" sentimental value of the home which could very well be the case.

Either way, it's a unique story and of human interest to many viewers. It was also covered by a reporter who knows what she's doing and is able to convey a good story to her viewers consistently. Lily Stolzberg doesn't mess around!

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