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March 13, 2009


Casey Lynch

I think this is a great way to have students do this at a young age. So if they have a intrest in it they can contiune in college!

amy elias kornfeld, ms

I would love to see more about the students in the glen cove schools having access to the news 12 newsroom,

Adam Ramadan

To answer your first question, yes there is a link available to the station, and it can be found at the school's homepage www.glencove.k12.ny.us. Although a schedule has not been posted officially yet, it should be available very soon.


Two questions:

Is there a link to the station available, for those interested?

Has someone documented the setup? It's been more than a couple of years since my school days, but a list of equipment and software would surely be a great benefit to other schools with groups who might have similar interests.

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