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March 10, 2009



I still don't understand why we've criminalized specific thought in the first place. Who cares WHY someone attacks someone else? Who cares if the victim is black, Hispanic, Jewish, or British? Is the crime somehow worse? Is the victim more injured?

Maybe we should just arrest people if they indicate any sort of hate at all. Or maybe if they refuse to believe in a particular religion or economic system. Then we'll be "safe" from people who disagree with us.

susan l.rudnick

this latest incident is so disturbing to me.its mind boggling that that-n- word can be said outloud to a fellow human being and not be labeled a hate crime.next time a jewish person gets singled out or a temple gets marked upon by the nazi hate synbol will the authorities say its not a hate crime because the persons responsible didnt set out to look for jews?what is this country turning into ? i'm so sick to my stomach .

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