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March 02, 2009



Oh, great. Another fee from our esteemed Governor. Perhaps next week, he'll go door to door and just ask us to hand over any wallets and valuables we have sitting around.

Besides, waste disposal has always been messed up. It costs more to recycle than find raw material, which means that we're doing it wrong. The deposit system is just social engineering, rather than actually helping anything (imagine if your favorite restaurant charged you for plates, but refunded them if you bussed your own table). And we throw things in compactors, knowing full well that the trash is just going to expand again in the landfill.

Instead of seeing how much more money can be squeezed from us (since everybody involved has made it quite clear that this is about getting more deposit money to lapse), maybe someone "upstream" should look into better ways of acquiring raw materials, be they recycled or fresh.

Not that it matters much to me, except on principle. I don't drink anything that's considered deposit-worthy.

Robert Gudger

I could never figure out why we would pay a deposit on one type of beverage and not on another, even if they came in the same exact type of container.

Personally, I feel 5 cents is not enough of an incentive for most people. I wish they would raise it to 25 cents and apply it to all types of beverages regardless wether or not they are carbonated. Maybe they could split the money from unreturned containers between the state and wholesaler.
Just and idea....

On Wednesdays, I look down my block in Medford and see very few people who put out their recycle cans or newspapers. I know these people are just including recyclables in with their regular garbage....what a shame.
In NYC, sanitation officers can write a summons to the building owner if they find recyclables in their regular garbage. I bet you could pay that persons salary and then some, with the revenue they would bring in...Just an idea.

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