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March 06, 2009



I agree, mostly. Everybody should really understand that you don't make allowances for destructive people. And yes, the allegations are an excellent time to talk about it, and teach kids that they absolutely must be responsible for their own safety, even when "everything else" is acceptable. In fact, they have to be responsible for everybody's safety and refuse to keep quiet about the problem.

That goes for boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, parents, children, bosses, cops, politicians, and whoever else is out there.

That said, keep in mind that accusations do not make a crime. It's possible, however unlikely, that Brown wasn't responsible, and your daughter is mostly right to not pass judgement until the evidence is in.

It's different for Rihanna, of course--she made the accusations, and is being all sorts of stupid for going back to him, since she IS the evidence. But none of us was there and are only guessing what happened.

susan l.rudnick

colleen: i applaude you for being so open and honest and forthcoming with your daughter in regard to the abuse charges that have been in the news.you are so right: one strike and your'e out!there are no second chances ; no chances of one being violated physically or mentally ! there is no shame in being the victim once ; there is shame in allowing it to happen to you again and again!the respect for fellow human beings must be upheld no matter what !

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