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March 16, 2009


Mike Dougherty

RyanAir is my national airline company and are by far and away the worst budget airline to fly with. The others give you crappy service in order to cut corners and make it cheap. RyanAir seems to deliberately make the experience more unpleasant. It's almost like they think that the longer they make you wait, the more uncomfortable they make you feel and the ruder their staff are, the more you'll appreciate the low price you've paid.

Flying RyanAir is something for people with a serious desire for adventure. Not because of the planes, though, because they're generally in good shape. But they only depart and land at desolate, remote airports and if you're really unlucky, they WILL leave you stranded on some god-forsaken airfield in the middle of nowhere because they just canceled your flight with no explanation. Oh, and don't expect a refund, no, and if you really have to get going you'll have to chip in for a ticket from a REAL airline going from a REAL airport all by yourself.

Rememeber - RyanAir are the guys that made you pay a fee to APPLY for a job there.

True story -look it up.


"C’mon, even the LIRR doesn’t charge you to use the bathroom on the train..."

Ack! Why would you ever say that out loud!? Don't give the MTA any ideas!

(I'd rant about the waste of time, energy, and money that flying has become, but I assume we're all familiar with the concept. Between the TSA groping and insulting people to the complete indifference of the attendants, paying to use the toilet might be the most enjoyable part of the trip, these days.)

Orville Wright

Ryanair is the most craven, mercenary bunch of parasites in the entire airline industry. Originally they claimed to be the low cost airline but by the time you add up all the fees and supplementals they are very expensive. I hope all their nickel and diming leads to a backlash that sees them lose more money than they'd ever gain.

When a company is in such a state that these kinds of stupid ideas escape the brainstorming sessions and are actually considered, it's time to stop using their business.

Flying coach class already is akin to taking a bus out of Newark, now as soon as the first passanger decides not to pony up the money for the lkavatory, it will come with the associated aromas as well.

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