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March 26, 2009


Bob Charles of New Zealand

Scott, how about some talk about how the price of golf and its associated greens fees, equipment, memberships fees, etc... has driven hordes of people AWAY from the game.

Outlandish golf course green fees and cart costs are making it harder to afford. I believe the green fees started to rise in the 1990's. Today, it is hard to find a golf course that won't charge you $50 for green fees on weekdays and more on the weekends. These fees are rising far ahead of the cost of living.

And again...let's not overlook the biggest nonsensical rule of all: the requirement that on those golf courses that a cart is mandatory but you are only allowed to drive it on the cart path.

Let's take a look at this scenario:

Suppose you hit your tee shot to the left and the cart path is on the right. Now what do you do? You don't know what kind of lie you have and you don't know the distance to the green for your next shot and it's a long walk to your ball. So you take two to three clubs out of your bag and take the long walk to your ball. After you hit the ball, you take the long walk back to the golf cart. The big problem is that this type of play goes on all day long - for the whole round. So, I ask you, why do you have to pay for a cart when you are walking most of the time anyway?

Golf courses have not only priced themselves out of the budget of most Americans, they have also become user UNFRIENDLY. It's time to give the some of these courses back to middle America.

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