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March 25, 2009



He's lied to us right from Jump Street. He's selling the middle class down the river. You can keep him


Thusfar, Obama has been doing two things.

First, he's been pushing an "economic plan" that uses taxpayer money to pay the banks' inflated prices for toxic assets. I can't entirely fault him for this, because it's the same as Bush's plan. However, I can fault him for continuing the plan and for installing people into management (like Geithner and Gensler) who come from the failing banking industry.

Second, he's been continuing the policy of cramming the FDA with corporate lobbyists, just like previous administrations have done.

Add in the "mandatory volunteer service" (HR 1388) and his desire to remove all guns from civilians (because that's been working SO well over in Europe...), and I'm a bit less than impressed.

I'd like to hear from the people who went for "excellent job." What, exactly, are they using for benchmarks? Do they own banks, perhaps?

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