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March 26, 2009



Tend to agree with John. If we were all on equal footing, I'd sit for an hour in the dark. Is Gore going to turn off the cabin lights in his bizjet? Yeah, Elizabeth, I know I'm being petty, but I already spent this winter with my thermostat on 55 most of the time, the gas water heater on cool (makes for a fun shower...) and most of the lights off. The result? My oil, gas and electric bills all went up while I shivered under the blankets in the dark. Do agree that we've got to change what we're doing or we're going to screw up the works, though.


You know, I'm all for conservation--both for purposes of preservation and for more abstract aesthetic reasons--but I'm really getting tired of this idea that humanity is some kind of unnatural blight on the Earth and that we should make do with less because we're so rotten. I see "Earth Hour" as a vote against you and I, not a vote for "the planet," which I happen to think I'm a part of.

I'm more than a bit touchy about such things when the upper crust (including the leaders of the environmental movement) never seem to cut back, themselves. Are we conserving to help the planet or the rich? Are we making way for our grandchildren or somebody's private jet? I'm not so sure after so many years of being told about the horrors of overpopulation that never seem to manifest.

Maybe we should invest our time (and, yes, use our resources instead of hoarding them) into finding long-term energy solutions or cleaner transportation, rather than blaming us dirty humans for spoiling everything we touch. How much research and manufacturing can you possibly do when you're afraid to turn on the lights overnight?

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