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March 03, 2009


hilda pietrucha

hey i had the best time of my life in a long tome i havent liked the snow since i got older and stayed in doors but with not much snow in jersey shore i was tickled pink to see the foot of snow we got i actually made my frist snow man in years and its the only one in my neoghtboor its for seinors lauralton mobile park on rout 88 in brick ny i sent picks to news 12 ima grandma 55 hilda in brick nj

larry cj

I don't mind a little cold weather in the winter but NO snow please,It's just a big pain in the well you know.it's time for some spring weather,maybe Bill Korbel can take care of that,hay Lea you don't seem like someone who would get grumpy about any thing.
keep up the great work TAKE CARE.

Robert Gudger

I was on a beach in Jamaica just last week....and now 12 inchesof snow to shovel!!!! I too loved snow as a kid and as I get older I am getting used to 85 degrees on my face in February.

Robert [email protected]

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