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March 06, 2009



Personally, I feel the MTA is the most disorganized and poorly run organization I have ever seen.
If you look out the window as you take the train from Ronkonkoma to Penn station, you will see pile after pile of half bundled supplies. It looks like people started to do some work and just left in the middle of the job. I think I counted about 8 shovels just left where people just seemed to stopped working. There is so much garbage, old equipment, tracks, railroad ties, etc that if our properties looked like that the town would issue a citation to us. If anyone of us had hired a contractor who worked like that they would be fired off the job.
To me, this is just a simple reflection on how the entire organization must be run. Poorly, disorganized and inefficient.

I also believe that users of a service should pay for the service and not another group or the entire state. I don't want to supplement any budget through my phone bill, cable bill or any hidden tax/fee. The true cost of the service should be in the ticket price.


So...if I read this report right, everybody working in the state loses some money (not to mention additional tolls), basically so that Nassau can take the bus instead of the railroad to Jamaica? And the decreased LIRR ridership in Nassau is going to affect Suffolk service and fares how, exactly?

Oh, and they'll also be hiring a whole bunch of managers, auditors, and administrators. Because nothing helps streamline costs like a bloating bureaucracy claiming "economy of scale."

Maybe I'm reading it all wrong, but it certainly seems like the plan is to raise fares AND charge people to NOT ride the rails, for no real benefit to anybody except those in power. Why am I not surprised?

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