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March 09, 2009



You hit the nail on the head, I think.

The problem with these stories is that the anger is always misdirected. The debate (which I assume will appear here, over the next week or so) will be about whether Brown and Rihanna are victims of the press or should be held to a Higher Standard of Behavior as celebrities.

And we worry about whether children will copy their behavior, as if any of us made checklists of Michael Jackson's personal quicks to cycle into our own behaviors. OK, maybe that's a terrible example, but it should illustrate the point.

Nobody, though, questions why kids have a fascination with celebrities they'd never want to be (dress like, sure. Act like, no). Nobody questions why kids supposedly need to look to the media for "role models." And nobody will ever ask why this behavior is already commonplace without anybody complaining.

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