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March 13, 2009



It's simple. Put a security camera up (nothing wrong w/ that). Report the pigs who litter (via license plate) and have THEM fined.



One thing you should look into is who is responbile for the property. In looking at the pictures above, she's cleaning the property that is right next to the road. Now I know in the town of Islip, the town itself is responsible for the first 5 feet from the road onto your property. If this is the case with Brookhaven, then it is actually the town who would be responsible for cleaning it up.

This is just a classic case of Crookhaven bullying townspeople.



Does it even matter whose fault it is? What business is it of the Town of Brookhaven how often a woman cleans her yard? They don't own the land. Will they also threaten her for not washing her hair, one day?

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