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March 23, 2009


Dr Steven Silverman

An addendum:

Just so there is no confusion, the alternate (and often preferred) spelling of the nutrient is Acetyl-L-Carnitine.

Capital letters are, of course, optional.

Dr Steven Silverman

akwolfie911 -

If you read Mary's blog of 3/22 she emphatically states:

"...If it seems like I endorse virtually everything I report on…well, you’re right. And this case is no different. But then how could I report on something I don’t believe in. Except to warn you off..."

I read no such warning in this recent blog. In fact, it is an enthusiastic recommendation of certain nutrients.

It does not take a medical degree for the average person to infer that holistic cures are rarely based on sound medical principles.

I would take her recommendations very cautiously.

BTW - Mary, it is Acetyl-L-Carntine (ALC), not Acetyl L Carntine, which you wrote.


Dr. Silverman, if you read the entire blog, you would see that Dr. Linchitz, not Mary recommended those nutrients. It would have been helpful if you had listed your credentials (i.e. your specialty), so that we could judge for ourselves whether you have the knowledge to dispute or just don't believe in "natural" remedies.

Dr Steven Silverman

I would NOT be recommending taking chrysin.

In numerous studies, chrysin has shown to have NO effect on estrogen levels, but, rather, may have other detrimental effects to the body, particularly to thyroid function.

The disruption to the thyroid may promote severe weight gain in some patients.

As for your recommendation of maca -

Maca DOES NOT affect hormone levels. Serum testosterone and estradiol levels were not different in men treated with maca compared to those who took a placebo. Other studies have found no effect on luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, prolactin, and 17-alpha hydroxyprogesterone.

Mary - PLEASE do your research before blindly recommending your "natural" cures.

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