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March 20, 2009



So they plan on fixing the rundown town of Wyandanch. Maybe a beautiful gazebo would go great to shield the crack dealers from the rain. It appears that the politicians are so out of touch, just throw money out and try and fix a problem. The first thing that needs to be done is for the government to aggressively crack down on the crimes and drugs flooding our streets. They need to seriously enforce the immigration laws so these criminals from other countries don't commit violent crimes against law abiding Americans. Even if they do fix up the streets and town, if they do not solve the crime issue, these thugs will just move to another town and the cycle will continue. The village of Amityville may be nice now but you know when you run a pack of rats from an area, they settle somewhere else.

susan l.rudnick

i have lived in amityville since 1957.it borders wyandanch and the two commiunities are so far apart from each other in appearances its a shame.amityville village boosts its own police and fire depts.we have beautiful parks and a private beach for our village residents.our gazebo in the center of town is used for many functions including the tree lighting ceremony and menorah lighting annually.why wouldnt the residents of wyandanch want to be able to stroll down their streets and shop in local stores like we do in amityville?i always feel safe living in our friendly village day or night.cmon community of wyandanch look towards the future.dont blame others or you are part of the problem!


Jackie, Please. You did a great job of reporting the story as you got it, but, a "facelift"? The "Danch need more like major surgery. Make it a "Vibrant community"? It was. At one point we had three supermarkets (Blue Jays, King Kullen and A&P, as well as a Genovese Drugs. My girl and I could walk down to the Sweet Shoppe on Merritt Ave for a soda, or to Otto's for lunch. All were shoplifted out of existence. The 7-11 was robbed out of existence. How many times do you have to whack a 7-11 before the guy just says "screw it" and walks away? K of C, Church's Fried Chicken and Mickey Dee's have all curled into a ball and died on Straight Path. Gieger Lake used to be a beautiful natural spring fed lake with crystal clear water surounded by a sugar sand beach. You could get a hot dog and a beer at the log cabin. Matter of fact, the Miss Reingold contests used to be held there. You could float down Carlls River to Bluberry Farm, crawl up on the bank and eat yourself sick. The town fixed all that for us by turning the spring and the river into a line of stagnant sumps that choked the lake. They had to build that leaking pool for the kids to swim in. The Wyandanch Inn (later the abandoned Compel Youth Academy, finally torn down, was the home of the finest Italian food around. The Chateau had sauerbraten to die for. If you weren't completely thrilled, Herr Goonan would take the plate away from you and recook it personally until you were satisfied. The Octoberfest was a sight to behold. Fairchild tested the limits of guided missle technology right there on Washington Ave. Now we deliver beer and potato chips from it. Lunn Laminates built component wings for the Shuttle. We use that to store overstocked Japanese cars. Vibrant? Yup. What happened? Wyandanch is choked by decades of crime, drugs, gangs and ignorance. There were more shootings in ONE HOUSE on N. 18th St last Summer than in all of Huntington last year. So Huntington gets, in addition to the unitis already on patrol, 21 cops on foot and bike patrol because they've had some violence up there recently. Belive me, Huntingtonians, we feel your pain. We have the same six guys in three cars we've had since the mid sixties. Matter of fact, 5 car we share with West Babylon, East Farmingdale and Pinelawn (lot of crime there...), 6 car we share with Deer Park, North and West Babylon, and most of 2 car's post is Wheatley Heights. The Hub itself doen't have a sector car assigned exclusively to Wyandanch. Education, the poor kids can't read, write nor do math. Science, History, Geography? Forget about it. More cops and more teachers, teaching in an environment where they aren't afraid to teach, with an administration that has a clue, then the thousands of good God fearing people can rise up in pride and make the 'Danch vibrate from within; the vibrations of a healthy community that can stand on its own two feet, not be driven further into a welfare state. We can finally put paid to the Crimedanch image and walk our streets in safety. One of the officials told me there vision for Wyandanch is that of a "New Hempstead". Have you seen the old one? If you can't help us with what we need, leave us alone. Projects are not answer.

Miriam W.

I can just hear it now:

"Honey, let's go out for dinner and a concert. Should we go to Roslyn, Great Neck or Wyandanch?"

"Oh, that's easy. Let's try Wyandanch. Did you get your pistol permit renewed?"

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