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March 15, 2007


No 1/2 pints for me !

Oh! That O'Otis & McMena what a picture !
In the spirit of St.Patricks Day a perfect Black & Tan : )

Last night while at a restaurant I used my "Super Hearing powers" (you know "Bam,
Whap, Kabow" --The Flash and all that) I was eavesdropping on the people at the next table. One of the guys next to us asked for a Black and Tan. The waiter holding up his notebook, looked seriously at the young man and asked, “Is that cocktail?”

"The first Black and Tan I ever had was made with Guinness and Bass. I was impressed because the bartender had managed to pour it in such a way that the Guinness floated on top of the Bass. However, I've since learned that it's a mere bar trick and not necessarily the sign of a good Black and Tan. In fact I'd say the layered versio (althouth visually appealing)is pointless. To fully enjoy a Black & Tan, it’s important to blend the the beers; otherwise you might as well order half pints of each and drink them separately! "

Thank you for the tour of Black Rock. It's
nice to see the contrast of NYC and BPT.
This was a unique and creative blog. Your blog tioics covers so many different topics...great! ...Serious,Fun, Educational & Entertaining. Thanks for sharing with your readers.

Scott J

Heather, great site. I posted on my site, my fridays favorite blog site, and linked to you. I posted another comment on your other site also. Love the tour. Come and visit.

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