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May 05, 2008


Chico Rubio

O my O mayo! ....two hot chicas in sombreros! The news can't get any hotter off the press than this! So, where can I meet you ladies for a Margarita tonight? We should never dishonor our Mexican friends by letting a holiday go by without celebrating....whatever it's in remembrance of!!!

bill and sandy

Salsa!!! mmmmmm, an alternative to BOSCO!
or just save the Bosco for my favorite dessert......Bosco filled Inny!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!


Yes. Fun so much like feast of St.Anthony. I will ride to my brother in the summer to be with him for our fiesta Italian. You will much like our feast for St.Anthony Ms.Heather. In Boston for August is the feast days. I put here for you to see. WWW.stanthonysfeast.com

You and young miss friend look very much happy to celebrate this fiesta day. Thank you so much for writing and pictures.Enjoy.


tina morales

Hey Heather. Just off work. Yuck, only monday :( Hey but wait, not thinkin cuz it's Cinco de Mayo :) lookin great girl and thanx for the tips on where to hit for Mexican. Ur too cool-it's why i luv ya.

tinabells :)


hey, i want to join you two!
Happy 5th !


"The spinach enchiladas and Sopa De Albondigas at Los Cabos in Norwalk are must-haves".......well after seeing this pic I can think of two others.Yum! Just joking:) Seriously thanks for the great blog-the Mexican places to hit. So you're from Texas & love Jalepenos on everything from eggs to chocolate cake huh? Well you Texans ARE crazy!...you'd never catch me using them on eggs! :)


I've never been to Lupita's but have been
dying to try it. Crazy thing is my
girl and I were suppose to go today but she got into a fender bender which shot our plans, then you blog about it.
What a wierd coincidence!

Martha Smalls

Happy Ocho de Mayo!!
You girls look wonderful. As for me and my boo we go for the Carnitas at Taco Loco in the Rock. Thank you for bringing us the news each morning. Go Heather, Go News12!


I've been known to contemplate going
LOCO motive when around the likes of a
beautiful senorita but what is this..two?
Hey, Ms.Martha(smalls)way to go!!.....you musta still been partying ala Margaritas when you wrote in : )
Happy Siete de Mayo Heather !


Great pic! thanks for the info.


Now you HAVE to go to La Poblanita at the corner of Park and North in Bridgeport!

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