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September 17, 2008


Tom McFeeley


A great reminder that a shirt on our back (and the love of loved ones) is the most important and enduring thing on Earth.

Prayers for your grandmother -- what a beautiful woman. Anything I can do. A call, a donation, you name it and I'm there



Heather, glad to hear your family is safe and knowone was hurt. Like Tom said before me anything you need let me know. We love ya.

Beverly Young

Hi Heather,

This is your Aunt Bebe. I want to thank you for honoring my mother and your parents in your beautiful commentary. I burst into tears when I opened up your blog and saw the photo of your mother, my mother and you on mother's porch in Crystal Beach. I've been in constant contact with your mom and we are all doing our best to make them comfortable and get them help. The important thing is that they and your Aunt Yvette are safe. We will get through this. We are survivors and by golly, we are Texans!

Thanks again for the beautiful thoughts.

bill & sandy

Sorry to hear of your Grandma and Aunt's unfortunate circumstances.
Our prayers are with them.


Thank you for sharing your family story. Most of us FORGET past the shocking news clip - this helps remind us to keep doing our part...donations, blood drives...telling "their stories" and their plight. You motivated me to give blood this coming Thursday in Norwalk.
My best to your entire family..prayers are with you all.


Hi Heather. Sorry to hear about the impact of IKE on your family in Texas. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.


Sentimos mucho haber sabido tragedia tu tia y abuela.
Mucho amor y OraciĆ³nes.

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